(Article taken from The Age, Friday May 23, 2014, written by Rachel Kleinman)


The dowry 'has huge links to domestic violence'. Photo: AP

Indian women living in Australia suffer domestic violence stemming from a tradition that some say should be

Jessica* came to Australia in 2012 after an arranged marriage in India. Her Indian husband already had permanent residency here and she left her family and country behind to start a new life with him in Melbourne's western suburbs. Back home, Jessica had completed postgraduate studies, she had a career and came from a family with liberal values. Now, just two years later, she is separated, recovering from the trauma of domestic violence and locked in a long legal battle to claim her dowry, which remains in India in the hands of her husband's parents. ''This is just a kind of torture for me and my family,'' Jessica says. ''I am all alone here. At least if I get back my dowry articles that would be fine … It would give me back a bit of financial security.'' To make matters worse, Jessica came here on a spousal visa. When the marriage broke down, her husband wrote to the Immigration Department saying he wanted to revoke his sponsorship of her. If she returned to India, Jessica would face the social stigma of being divorced. She is now applying for permanent residency, which her visa allows if she has suffered domestic violence.

Dowry's Dark Shadow

Associated Press writer Biswajeet Banerjee in Lucknow, India, contributed to this report.

A BOLLYWOOD megastar is making India confront its dark side.

A movie star makes India confront its taboos

2012 Sanatana Dharma Banquet at Preston City Hall - by Bhakti devi dasi, HCCV Administration Assistant.

HCCV's Sanatana Dharma Banquet was held on Friday 15th June this year. This annual event hosted by HCCV for presenting the culture of Sanatana Dharma to members of various religious groups, was again a great success.

Successful 2012 Sanatana Dharma Banquet

This article was sent to HCCV by ISKCON Melbourne:

" Expression of interest - In enrolling your child in a Vedic Hindu Primary School

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Melbourne

is undertaking a feasibility study of establishing a Vedic Hindu Primary School

in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

First Hindu Primary School for Melbourne

Donating Blood as a Multifaith / Interfaith Activity through Blood 4 Harmony. - by David Cohan

Many of you have seen ads requesting the donation of blood, a very important and worthwhile contribution to society.

We can make it even more worthwhile by donating blood as part of an Interfaith Group.

Donate: Blood 4 Harmony

It has come to the attention of HCCV, that there has been some backlash to an article printed in the media, stating Swami Shankarananda's view on the Ganesh Versus The Third Reich play. Swamiji was approached by a representative of the play and gave his honest opinion as posted on the HCCV website in our previous article: "Controversy over Lord Ganesh". His statement was then published in the media as being the view of the Hindu Community Council of Victoria.

Clarification re Ganesh Play Controversy

Over the past few weeks there has been some controversy over a play that featured as part of the Comedy Festival here in Melbourne. Titled: Ganesh Versus the Third Reich" has drawn both criticism and approval from various members of the Hindu Community, both locally as well as abroad.

Controversy over Lord Ganesh

HCCV's General Secretary, Bhakta dasa was invited to attend the 9/11 Memorial Service, held at Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens, on the 9th September 2011.

9/11 Memorial

Hindu American Foundation Updates Landmark Report on Caste-Based Discrimination in India

Caste-Based Discrimination in India

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