HCCV General Secretary Bhakta dasa recently represented HCCV and ISKCON at a Peace Conference by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri titled: "Islam - Peace for Humanity."

HCCV invited to Peace Conference

HCCV has recently received a sizeable grant from the Victorian Government to run a number of Vedic Forum programs to present the uniqueness and beauty of Vedic Culture to an Inter-faith audience.These program will be held over the next year.
Honourable Nicholas Kotsiras MP, Minister for Multicultural affairs and Citizenship,
presents cheque to HCCV General Secretary Bhakta dasa at the grant presentation ceremony.

Vedic Forum Q & A Session 3

On Sunday 17th July 2011, HCCV presented the third of its Vedic Forum Question & Answer Sessions entitled:
"Youth to Youth -an explanation of Hindu and Vedic Culture."

Vedic Forum Q & A Session 3

A Very Successful Sanatana Dharma Banquet - by Bhakti devi dasi, HCCV Administration Assistant.

HCCV's Sanatana Dharma Banquet was held on Friday 1st July. It was an evening for presenting the culture of Sanatana Dharma to members of various religious groups, both interfaith and intrafaith - meaning: groups of other religious persuasions, as well as groups from our own Sanatana Dharma viewpoint.

Attendance exceeding all expectations - we approximate that just over 300 people attended.

Sanatana Dharma Banquet a great success

In the book "American Veda" - How Indian Spirituality Changed the West, by author Philip Goldberg, there is a fabulous explanation on the term "Hinduism" and how it came about.

Explanation of the term "Hinduism"

On Sunday 3rd April 2011, HCCV presented the second of its Vedic Forum Question & Answer Sessions entitled: "How I found my path to God - reflections, experiences and issues."

Vedic Forum Q & A Session 2

On Sunday 23rd Jan 2011, HCCV presented the first of its Vedic Forum Question & Answer Sessions entitled: "How can I love my fellow human beings, when they do not believe the same things I do?"

Vedic Forum Q & A Session 1


"The Sacred India Gallery of Perth" has received some nice recognition for its incredibly artistic presentation of the ancient and spiritual roots of Indian culture.

Sacred India Gallery

The Hindu Community Council of Victoria (HCCV) was established as an incorporated body on 21st Sept 2009 and officially launched on the 4th October 2009. HCCV was established to meet the long time felt need for an apex Hindu body to represent the united voice of Hindu communities in Victoria and to serve their common aspirations. HCCV adopted a two stage incorporation process of initially coming together for organizing the PWR - Parliament of the World's Religions' 2009 related Hindu events, followed by the due process of bringing all the Hindu organizations in Victoria under one umbrella organization.


Hindu Council Launch

Upcoming events