Sankat Mochan Senior Group - (SMSG)
Has Organised Memorial Services for Late Pt. Abhay Awasthi
Sankat Mochan Kendra (SMK)
Location: 1289 A North Rd., Huntingdale
Date: Sunday 23 July 2017  Time: 3.45 PM to 5.00 PM


As we all know that the Late Pt. Abhay Awasthi is no more with us.  A leading figure who contributed and dedicated his life for the services of the Hindu Community in particular and the other communities in general had been very instrumental in performing all the Hindu rights and Pujas.  His National and International efforts and contributions in different forums, conferences including the Parliament of religion have high lighted and propagated the local Indian cultural and religious activities around the world.  His invaluable contributions are worth reminiscing and celebrating.  

The members of Sankat Mochan Senior Group (SMSG) are indebted to him, as on their request he initiated the recognised Chaplaincy ( Spiritual Services) course specifically designed for Hindu traditions.  Unfortunately he was  not able to complete the course because of his ill health.  Bhai Ami Chand took over that responsibility to complete the course, which was held in Sankat Mochan Kendra.

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