The Hindu Community Council of Victoria (HCCV) was established as an incorporated body on 21st Sept 2009 and officially launched on the 4th October 2009. HCCV was established to meet the long time felt need for an apex Hindu body to represent the united voice of Hindu communities in Victoria and to serve their common aspirations. HCCV adopted a two stage incorporation process of initially coming together for organizing the PWR - Parliament of the World's Religions' 2009 related Hindu events, followed by the due process of bringing all the Hindu organizations in Victoria under one umbrella organization.



The PWR 2009 presented the best opportunity and a perfect launch pad for HCCV, following a series of five community consultative meetings held between June 09 and Sept 09, by an interim steering committee that was known as 'Victorian Hindu Community Committee'. VHCC was originally set up to project manage the PWR 2009 related Hindu events by organizing and coordinating the various 'on-site' and 'off-site' events, as no other Hindu organization came forward to take up the responsibility.


The initiative came from a few prominent Hindu community leaders such as Pandit Abhay Awasthi, Dr. D. Srikanthan & Nadesan Sundaresan, who have been associated with PWR since Jan '09.


The community consolidation process commenced in June '09 by inviting two representatives from all the registered Hindu organizations and Hindu community groups comprising various temples, international missions, spiritual organizations, service organizations, etc., numbering about 18.


During the deliberations it was realized it was impossible for a steering committee to project manage the PWR '09 Hindu related events on financial management and risk management point of view without creating an incorporated body.


HCCV was formally inaugurated on Sunday 4th October 2009 in the presence of prominent Hindu leaders and well wishers, with Swami Shankarananda (Founder of the 'Shiva Yoga Ashram', Mt Eliza) as the patron, Pandit Abhay Awasthi (President of the 'Hindu Foundation of Victoria') as the President and Nadesan Sundaresan (Founder Chairman of 'Victorian Centre for Hindu Studies') as then General Secretary (this position is now held by Bhakta dasa, coordinator of Interfaith for the Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple A.K.A. ISKCON), while Nadesan Sundaresan is currently the Vice-President.

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