Donating Blood as a Multifaith / Interfaith Activity through Blood 4 Harmony. - by David Cohan

Many of you have seen ads requesting the donation of blood, a very important and worthwhile contribution to society.

We can make it even more worthwhile by donating blood as part of an Interfaith Group.

I have started the group "Blood 4 Harmony" to join two areas of personal interest: donating blood and inter-faith activities.
and believe advantages of the proposed program include:

  • being a rewarding way to contribute to the community;
  • feeling good about yourself and those you are with - we'll be helping to save lives;
  • fostering harmony and goodwill between people of different Faiths;
  • understanding that giving blood is a powerful symbol of our common humanity;
  • that since the need for blood never ceases there is scope for Blood 4 Harmony to start small and then expand;
  • creating a forum for discussion and dialogue before and after donating;
  • gaining opportunities to create positive publicity for Faiths and the Interfaith movement.

The minimum age for giving blood is 18, or 16 with parental consent.

After donating blood the Blood 4 Harmony group can relax with a drink and snack, an ideal time to develop goodwill and friendship with fellow Interfaith donors. The whole process only takes about 1 hour.

The Red Cross Blood Service values group blood donations and promotes them through "Club Red". More information on this and general  information on donating blood is available on their website:

I am seeking:

  • expressions of interest and support from individuals as well as organizations;
  • participants for blood donations;
  • for growth of the Blood 4 Harmony group - volunteers to help with promotion and coordination.

Please contact David Cohan, preferably by email:

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or phone: 03-9886-1804

Mobile: 0403-047-859





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