On Sunday 3rd April 2011, HCCV presented the second of its Vedic Forum Question & Answer Sessions entitled: "How I found my path to God - reflections, experiences and issues."
The topic for this second session was:

"How I found my path to God - reflections, experiences and issues."


The venue was the Shiva Ashram, 27 Tower Rd, Mt Eliza and Swami Shankarananda and his Ashramites hosted the event with great hospitality and generosity.

The presentations were given in the ashram's new meditation hall, and afterwards there was a delicious vegetarian lunch.


Guest speakers were:
Christina Ghobadi - Buddhist Faith,
Nasirah Cavaney - Muslim Faith,
Jan Becker - Falan Dafa Faith,
Terry Fielding - Baha'i Faith
and James Suresh - Christian Faith.

Each shared their realisations and life path that lead them to their respective faiths. It was an uplifting, informative and inspirational afternoon.

The moderator was Stephen Stanford, an Executive at the Shiva Ashram.
qa2-stephensm Stephen - introducing the speakers.

The introduction was given by Maha Mandaleshwara Swami Shakarananda Saraswati - Founder of the Shiva Ashram, Mt.Eliza.
All were very engaging speakers and endeared themselves to our hearts. Some interesting questions and satisfying answers followed the presentations of the speakers.

qa2-christinasm Speaker 1, Christina Ghobadi - Buddhist Faith
qa2-jamessm Speaker 2, James Suresh - Christian Faith
qa2-nasirahsm Speaker 3, Nasirah Cavaney - Muslim Faith
qa2-terrysm Speaker 4, Terry Fielding - Baha'i Faith
qa2-jansm Speaker 5, Jan Becker - Falan Dafa Faith


You can watch the full length video of it here:

"What does my religion say...?" session 2




Pictured from left to right are: Terry Fielding - Baha'i Faith, Bhakti devi dasi - ISKCON representative, Bhakta dasa at back - HCCV General Secretary and Melbourne ISKCON Interfaith Director, Christina Ghobadi - Buddhist Faith, Stephen Stanford - Shiva Ashram Executive and HCCV Executive Director, Abhay Awasthi - HCCV President, Maha Mandaleshwara Swami Shankarananda - Founder of Shiva Ashram Mt. Eliza, Nasirah Cavaney - Muslim Faith, Jan Becker - Falan Dafa Faith, and Swami Bhairavi Ananda - the co-founder of Shiva Ashram Mt. Eliza. Unfortunately James Suresh - Christian Faith, was absent during the taking of the photo as he had another engagement to speak at, and had to leave early. Below is a photo of James giving his presentation.


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